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PHALANX - GORUCK training partner

And it is official!


PHALANX became GORUCK training partner. I am so excited!

Those who know me well know, that GORUCK is an important, essecital part o my life for 4 years now. The community, team building, leadership building skills are taught by America's best. Not to mention their made in USA awesome gear will withstand anything.


What does it all mean?


- Phalanx will prepare you for your first GORUCK event. (Light - introduction to team based training, about 6 hours, Tough - a team event, never a race, about 12 hours) after that, when you established an addiction,

- I'll prepare you to tackle your first Heavy (24 hour event, a beautiful game changer, more mental and physical stress)

- Thinking about HTL? (all three events back to back to back, 24,12,6 hours) You are in the right place to get ready for it. Mentally and physically. 

- If you are just interested in the art of rucking, stay tuned, we'll be holding rucks.

- Discounts for GORUCK events are available for Phalanx members.


You will never find anything as challenging and rewarding as a GORUCK event. What you will get out of each class, you willbe able to apply to your life. You will enter a GORUCK class as an individual and you will walk out as a part of a badass team. You cannot do GORUCK by yourself, you need your team and your team needs you. You will gain bonds for life and a new perspective on life. Each event is very different and each Cadre brings their own flavor to their class from their lives being in Special Operations, from their expertise and experiences.


You have been warned, you will get addicted.





On 5/16 2015 we've successfully ended our campaign, surpassing our goal twice! The amount of love and generosity from all over the world was overwhelming! I want to thank you once again for helping us make it!. We've raised about $9,700 for Phalanx and the Green Beret Foundation. Thank you for following our journey through our weekly videos and photos. It's been a tough, trying yet fun and satisfying experience. I couldn't ask for better people to have by my side for this! On May 16th we've concluded what we've started in the beginning of the year, by executing $9,700 burpees. One dollar = one burpee. I call this mission a success! The world is good, filled with giving and caring individuals, whether friends or strangers. Thank you again! On to the next mission with Phalanx!


Building Phalanx

Contact Us

651 Observer Highway (bet. Jackson & Harrison Street)

Hoboken, NJ 07306


201-284-9819    jirinaharastova@gmail.com


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