Who is Phalanx

Certified Group Fitness Trainer since 2004 Personal trainer since 2005, Pre natal/Post natal exercise specialist.


Whether you are looking to improve your lifestyle and are new to fitness, maybe you'd like to change your body composition or you're an athlete and want to take things to a new level, get faster, stronger, or you are just looking to feel amazing. If you prefer one-on-one setting, personal training with Jirina is the way to go. 


Personal training is specificaly desgned for you, your goals and lifestyle. With Jirina by your side all goals are within your reach. Her unique efficient and effective training methods will help you obtain what you desire, and fast.


If you are an expecting mom and want to keep healthy and fit through your pregnancy, then you came to the best place. Jirina has trained dozens of expecting moms, during her 10 years of experience, up until the due date. She'll guide you through effective and safe training through pregnancy and prepare you for what is to come. You CAN become stronger and become more fit while going through pregnancy stages.



Phalanx training is for all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner, or an extreme athlete, you will be pushed to your limits in the group training. 

Through my 10 years of experience as a fitness professional, I have perfected personalized training in large group settings. Everyone is important in my class and everyone will get my attention.

Prepare to lift, pull, glide, press, using various equipment, various techniques and uniqe and inventive exercises.

You will never do the same workout twice. EVER

With my training, your goals are within your reach. All I ask is your focus and consistency and there is nothing that will stop you from achieving your dreams.



We are ordinary people that love to achieve extraordinary things together. We all come from different parts of the world but share so much incommon.

We strive on daily basis to be better, stronger, faster and more powerful physically and mentally. We train very hard but we never forget to have fun. 

We are unconquerable unit, we are Phalanx.


Join the most friendly and welcoming place to train your body and mind.



Whether you would like to get in shape, loose weight, get leaner, change your body composition, get faster, stronger, improve your lifestyle and your wellbeing, Phalanx is the place!

You'll enter a welcoming atmosphere where camaraderie, hard work and fun is endless.


I believe in training the body through countless ways and techniques, constantly confusing the muscles through unique exercises and various styles of training, that's the only way to get amazing gains (and fast) and prevent overuse. I will train you hard, and have no mercy, but that's why I am here. I will reviel you your true potential and show you that there are no limits in your life, only plateaus.


Among the most popular classes are BOOTCAMP, High Intensity STRENGTH, Cardio KICKBOXING vs. JUMP ROPE SKILLS, HARD-CORE Training, and our newest class CORE-BOOTCAMP


Come and try it for yourself! All levels are welcome. You will get addicted!



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