Our Training - the Phalanx way

The intensity of our training is very high, probably one of the hardest things you will ever do. You will challenge your body in many ways, evolving every day into a stronger, faster, more powerful human being. You will dare your mind to enter places you never knew existed... and you will get addicted. Whatever your goal, you will reach it with Phalanx, whatever your fitness level you will evolve with Phalanx. The training will not become easier, YOU will become stronger and will be pushing harder. Be ready and willing to be uncomfortable and you will get what you desire and fast with no limits!  I will be right by your side pushing you to find them every single training. 



High intensity cardio based training. This class will challenge you to your maximum, push you to your limits and defy them every time you train. You will be tested mentally. During this highly effective endurance training we use body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, rings, plyo boxes, bands, jump ropes, partner work, and more... Your stamina will improve dramatically with only few training sessions. (all levels welcome)


High intensity strength based training. This class focuses on strengthening all muscle groups, including often neglected stabilizers. It is a very thorough intense strength training class, using active recovery, which means you are not stopping till 60 minutes are done. You will see great improvements in your strength and stability. The pace and intensity of this class will greatly improve your cardio vascular endurance. (all levels welcome)


This popular class fuses great endurance training with rhythm of the music, easy to follow choreography and jump rope skills. Kickboxing and martial arts moves are transfered into a high energy cardio class. Be prepared for plyometric exercises and burpees. Don't worry if you cannot jump rope, you will learn very fast, in few sessions, you'll know cross uncross, double unders, backward double unders, combinations of different tricks, and yes, even burpee double unders. It is a fast paced, super fun class, where the time just flies by. (all levels welcome)

     HARD - CORE 

The most thorough core training you will ever do. Your core is the most important part of your body. Without strong core, nothing else can be strong to it's highest potential. Your core supports you, protects you, transfers movement and that is the focus of this class, to make you invincible, make you a beast, to make everything else you do, easy and safe. We use our own body weight, rings, bands, benches, and as you progress, you'll be using dumbbells and barbells to add more intensity. You must give this class a try. (all levels welcome)


It is very important to me that every training, every class is safe, effective, challenging and fun. No class will every be the same, and sometimes we'll take it outdoors, sometimes we'll train through towns, changing the scenery. I am known to celebrate special days in our calendar in my very own special way. Observing important days like Memorial day, 4th of July with appropriate training dedicated just to that day. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving Day will always bring a special, usually twice as long, training. Stay tuned for those.