Since starting my group and semi-private training with Jirina 9 months ago, I have experienced a visible shift in my physical appearance - I see my arms, stomach and legs continually becoming more defined, and in the first 3 months of training I lost 20 lbs. Training with Jirina has also creaetd a deeper shift in me, where my confidence and focus at work and in other areas of my life increased. The sessions themselves are rigorous but very rewarding, and I have seen great improvement in my physical abilities in just under a year.

Recently I started an eating program with Jirina which has had numerous beneficial results in the short time I have been on it. I have lost weight (5lbs in the first two weeks), I no longer feel hungry, fatigue is gone, rarely have cravings for sugary foods, no longer experience moodiness and feel an overall sense of well-being and gratitude that I am giving myself a wonderful gift by eating really well for the first time in my life. Jirina's eating program has helped me to embrace food, and to know that eating can be a healthy, enjoyable and body & soul satisfying experience all at the same time. I signed up to continue with my weight-loss goals, but I am getting so mych more. I have also gained an understanding that the lifestyle of eating well is an essential component to a physical training schedule, the two must go together in order to see the best results.

Jirina is dedicated to her clients' success and she shows her passion and commitment in all the ways she interacts with each individual. She knows that every person has different needs and she is keenly aware of this, even in the group training sessions. Her sessions and classes are about a journey of working on getting the best from yourself, and she doesn't give up on you.

- Nicole R. 



I have been taking Jirina's classes for over 6 years. The classes are challenging and Jirina brings with her a fun, energizing and encouraging energy that keeps you going when you think you can't go any farther. She's tough. She's bad-ass. She's awesome! She doesn't let you cheat yourself and you are greatful for it when the class is over. Jirina changes up the workout routines so that your muscles are always challenged by something new and the classes are never exactly the same. The workouts can be intense but the class environment is always supportive and friendly. I'll be at her strength class tonight.

- Polly H.



I started personal training with Jirina in preparation for my July 2010 wedding. I was specifically looking to tone my arms. I also started taking her core and strength classes. The results were exactly what I was looking for and I continued my sessions after my honeymoon because I couldn't imagine maintainingn and improving my strength and stamina without Jirina's knowledge and motivation. When I became pregnant less than two years later I was not worried about what I "should" and "shouldn't" be doing, because Jirina is also prenatal and postnatal certified. I trained with her once a week till my due date. During my pregnancy she reminded me weekly how important it is to maintain my cardio a minimum of 3 days a week. I didn't really understand why until during delivery, which was the hardest thing I've ever done. I only had to push for 20 minutes and every time I pushed I heard JIrina's voice yelling "Just ten more!" My baby is 10 weeks old and I only have about 5 more lbs to lose. Within weeks after delivery I could see the definition in my stomach, which amazed me, and I honestly attribute this to being in the shape I was before pregnancy (thanks to Jirina) and maintaining my strength and stamina during the pregnancy (also thanks to Jirina!)

- Sarah B



A competitive soccer player all my life, I was pulled into Jirina's Hard-Core class about 6 months ago by my fiancee in advance of our upcoming nuptials... you know, had to be wedding fit for the big day. Thinking I was in above average to good shape, little did I know the pain and wake up call I'd get that day... and I mean that in as good of a ways as possible. Six months later, my wife and I are addicted to Jirina's classes attending 3-6 classes per week, and I've shockingly and refreshingly yet to do the same workout as she mixes it up every single class. The value, the results, the camaraderie in the classes and the extracurricular fitness knowledge (hydration, diets, etc) have changed my body, my mental toughness, my eating habits and my overall energy levels. And don't get me wrong. There is nothing easy about Jirina's classes. The results aren't overnight or handed to you on a silver platter. You have got to want it, to earn it. And once you put the effort in, and you will drip sweat like you've never dripped before, there is nothing Jirina will stop at to help you achieve your goals, and then some.

- Scott N.



Jirina, Jirina, Jirina... what can I say except that she is amazing! I use to take her classes which were grueling but awesome but now I have her as my personal trainer and I have to say I am in the best shape ever! Yes the pain I am in the next day is unbearable and can't sit on the toilet (which is how hard I like to be trained) and I love it! I hope she didn't read that part... hahaha. But seriously there is no one I know who can do a better job and she truly cares about every client as if you were her only client. She is very intense and yet fun at the same time. She modifies exercises for you if you are injured or just can't do it. There is no way possible that you can't get in the best shape ever with her on your side, either as your personal trainer or taking her classes.

- Fal C.



I have been to all her classes and also got personal training from Jirina. She offers amazing cardio and strength training classes. The class environment is great, she is upbeat and helpful and if you have an injury (I do) no fear; she will teach you a personalized & modified version of that exercise. So you don't feel like you can't do anything. Her classes and her attitude makes you feel confident and accomplished, even with an injury. The personal training sessions are also great, one of the best things I have in my life. She is considerate, tough, fun and caring. All I can say is her workouts are addictive :)

- Gonca 



Jirina's classes are both highly effective and enjoyable. A crew of 15 plus laid back and outgoing regulars makes for a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for any newcomers who are looking for a solid workout whether it's abs class, bootcamp, kick boxing etc. Once the beat ddrops it's down to business. She'll challenge you and make sure you are pushing yourself hard throughout the whole session. While no two classes are alike the exercises are easy to pick up and Jirina is excellent in making sure that everyone is using proper technique. By the time class is over you'll be exhausted but you'll be glad that you took the class and will be looking forward to the next. No lie, it become addicting.

- Greg C.